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For the United Kingdom we have some 1,850 different grants on the databases provided by UK national organizations or European Union sources.

In addition, there are some 3,000 "grants" provided by local councils, economic development units, LEPs and other specific local bodies.

Nobody, to our knowledge, has ever calculated the total value of grants available . However   the following schemes running from 2014-2020 have budgets as follows: the European Union Research & Development Programme ‘Horizon 2020’ - 82 billion euros; the Connecting Europe Facility-19 billion euros ; Erasmus+ - 13 billion euros; LIFE 3 billion euros plus many more. 


No, under no circumstances. A grant, in the strict sense, will be an outright gift of cash, but it is given on condition that agreed criteria, particularly purposes and objectives, are met.

"Grants" may also be taken to mean: -

    • Soft loans which will have, typically, an interest rate rebate and/or a capital repayment holiday and/or a reduction in collateral requirements.
    • Subsidized services or the provision of free information and advice.
    • Tax credits e.g. for rate relief or R&D are also a form of grant.

News Flash: Latest

First of a kind deployment of innovation


Innovate UK are using a novel scheme to assist businesses, particularly SMES to break into markets with novel disruptive technologies in specific sectors.

Contracts covering up to 100% of the cost of demonstrating new technology are available to SMEs operating in the fields of

  • solutions for affordable, sustainable and secure energy delivery
  • solutions for connected transport through the integration of multimodal transportation systems
  • integrated solutions to systemic challenges in urban areas
  • resilience of infrastructure and cities to environmental and societal pressure.

Contracts in value between £250 K and £5 million are available.

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Energy Catalyst, (Round 4) Early Stage Technical Feasibility Grants

The ENERGY CATALYST, an ‘Innovate UK’ grant, supports both businesses and research organisations, including academia, that are UK based or are moving there to respond to challenges across the energy sector. It will fund projects delivering innovative solutions that address ALL the elements of the energy trilemma namely:

  • Reducing Emissions
  • Improving Security of supply
  • Affordability

Key Objective:
It will help stimulate and support innovation at all stages through to commercial readiness. Thus The Energy Catalyst can fund projects from early concept stage through to pre-commercial technology validation, based upon innovation that incorporates, for example:

Read more ...
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